My goal is to license & share my expertise with an American Manufacturer , who will produce improved molds & methods for the medical industry.


The Glove Mold

For Exam Glove Manufacturing

Methods of producing these molds

The Glove Mold

The Glove Mold Patent

On December 20, 2022, I Ryan Neily was granted a full patent #US11,530,488B2. 

My patent covers all medical products using a copper mold , including custom gloves for surgeons.

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Our History

In 1958 Dr. William Abilgaard invented the left and right Examination Glove using the Electroforming process to produce the molds. However, the mold itself or how it was made, the fact that it was copper was kept a company secret even until today 65 years later.

Before the HIV Virus was running rampant, vinyl gloves were being replaced by Latex. Because vinyl glove companies could not meet the new FDA standards which only recently was changed from allowing 20 holes per 100 to four holes per 100.

Without being aware of the existence of a copper mold they chose the cheapest method using cast aluminum, which can’t be upgraded. The industry then switched to latex gloves made on a porcelain mold and more recently to plastic molds but these molds deteriorate with heat. 

The Glove Mold

My father, David Neily, in 1961, went to work for Dr. Abilgaard. My father perfected the electroforming of the molds, required for manufacturing a superior glove. Dr. Abilgaard was bought by Beckton-Dickenson, a leader of manufacturing and distribution of medical supplies.

Sometime in the 1980’s. B-D sold their glove process to Safe Skin. But Safe Skin did not understand how my father had perfected the original molds. And they sold the equipment and went back to cast aluminum. Starting in 1984, we worked for over 20 years on various projects along with the glove mold and prototype medical products until 2009.

Then in 2017, I filed for a patent. And on December 20, 2022 I was granted a full patent. I worked with my father in the field of electroforming for many years and even after his passing, until today. So I am very knowledgeable in the process.

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